Travel easy & safe with us.

Tayyarah is a market leader in the travel industry. Tayyarah keep innovating cutting edge technologies, so that planning your business travel is quick and easy.

On the way , we make sure you have a secure transaction of your business travel.


Let's start
awesome experience
in Travel.

Whatever you need in travel, we are there to assist you. We know from where to start your unforgettable experience

Our cutting-edge user platform, paired with the industry's top customer support, keeps you moving quickly and smoothly.

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How We Work

We crafted a dynamic web based tool for easy corporate booking management. We are genuinly focused on delivering an amazing experience in travel.

Do you have any customised requirements? if Yes, then we will provide a customised tool according to your need.


Travel Reports & More

Today businesses need more information on their daily spends to determineand avoid unwanted spends, thus we provide more than 100+ reports with our cutting edge technology.

Enterprises need varous notifications to keep them aware , we provide them all.


Why Tayyarah?

We know our job better than anyone else in the travel industry.

Tayyarah provides adaptable plans, specialists on call, and features that make your journey as smooth as possible. Allow us to improve your travel plans and keep you ahead of the competition.

Tayyarah SBT & More

Expolre Our Exceptional Services

We have an awesome team to help you across your business travel, we do take pride in providing and assisting you with our top notch expertise
Let's go together and dive in for an amazing experience of guided travel access. We will make sure you get their quickly.
Our technology solutions help your team to take care of their bookings and enable a decision oriented approach on the Go.
Tayyarah let's you enjoy a hassle-free booking process that includes detailed reports and cost savings.
While we organise eveything for you , you just realx and enjoy.
Tayyarah’s user-friendly technology and 24/7 support service will be there for you all around the globe.We will make sure you never miss us badly.